connetix tiles

Connetix are magnetic tiles that can be connected together to build different shapes. They are perfect for encouraging STEAM play; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as well as role play and imagination.

They are made using strong magnets to avoid your child’s creation falling apart mid build and due to the size of each tile, the riverts for extra safety and the fact they are food grade non toxic they can be used by children as young as three.

connetix tiles

Our Connetix Tiles Review

We have spent the last week playing with the Connetix rainbow starter pack which contains 60 different tiles

  • 6x large yellow squares
  • 24x small purple squares
  • 6x equilateral triangles
  • 6x right angled triangles
  • 6x isosceles triangles
  • 4x blue cut out squares (windows)
  • 6x purple 4 removed cut out squares

The first thing I noticed was that the box they come in is great as it is hard wearing and opens and closes with a lid making tidying them up and packing them away really easy. It also makes them a good toy to grab on the go for staycations or trips to grandparents etc.

I also love how hard wearing and durable the tiles are. They are thick enough for younger children to use with ease without being too big that older children feel they are too young for them.

In terms of use they are nice and easy to connect and the magnets are strong enough to stay connected whilst little ones are building which is great.

We also loved the bright colours and the unique bevelled design which makes them look nice and definitely grabs the attention of the children.

If you or your child is running out of ideas of things to build then the starter pack also includes an inspiration book full of pictures of models you can make. The book s not unique to the pack so there are some that you can’t make as you may not have all the right tiles but it is great for giving you ideas for both 2D and 3D shapes.

Overall we loved the Connetix Tiles, they are great for STEAM, imaginative play and fine motor skills as well as just some good old fun!

Connetix have a number of different sets available in different colours with different shaped tiles but if you’re new to Connetix then we recommend one of the starter packs.