protein porridge

Protein is the buzz word of the fitness industry right now and as a result people are gravitating towards food and drink options which offer higher protein per gram than the standard foods. Thankfully a number of brands have created protein ranges of their great tasting products so you don’t need to sacrifice taste in order to be a healthy parent. One such brand is Quaker Oats who have brought out a range of protein porridge to help you power up your breakfast and get you set up for the day.

Why increase your protein?

Everywhere you look people are talking about protein but why? What are the benefits of increasing your protein on a daily basis? Here are just 6 reasons why you should focus on increasing your protein as part of your healthy parent journey.

  1. It keeps you fuller for longer helping to prevent unnecessary snacking or over eating so you can keep your calories down to maintain or lose weight.
  2. Protein helps to build and repair muscles so is great for those that are doing strength training.
  3. It’s good for bone health.
  4. The amino acids from the protein play a critical role in cell growth and repair for skin and hair.
  5. Protein helps create antibodies that protect against illnesses and infections.
  6. increases energy levels to keep you active for longer.

Power up your breakfast

If you are looking to increase your protein levels then one of the best ways to do this is by powering up your breakfast and starting the day with a great tasting breakfast that is packed full of protein. This will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer to avoid those mid morning munchies and will also have you feeling energetic and ready to take on the day, not to mention get your body ready to start building muscle as soon as you get active.

One of the ways we recommend you start your day is by switching to the Quaker Oats protein porridge. It is currently available in three flavours

  • Original
  • Peanut butter
  • Golden Syrup

Each sachet contains 9g of protein and is ready in just 2½ minutes, making it an ideal choice for busy mornings. We were sent the Peanut Butter Protein Porridge to try and can confirm that it is both delicious and very filling. So if you’re looking for a way to increase your protein at the start of the day then we highly recommend the Quaker Oats Protein Porridge.

The new Quaker Protein Peanut Butter Flavour is available at Asda, in boxes of eight sachets, from 25th April. It will be rolling out in other major supermarkets later this summer. Porridge lovers will be able to pick up a box for £3.50 (RRP). 

Why not team it with a tropical smoothie full of fruit.