the green drink

One of the ways you can work towards your goal of being a healthy parent is to ensure that you are getting all the goodness, vitamins and nutrients that you need on a daily basis. This can then help keep your energy levels high, immunity working well and prevent fatigue and illness, however, getting everything you need from meals alone can be difficult which is where Wellnoa come in.

What is Wellnoa and The Green Drink?

Wellnoa was founded in 2023 by Gamze Cakir. They create wellness powder drinks from whole foods and organic ingredients, with each drink promoting a healthy diet helping busy parents get all their essential nutrients in just a few sips. Wellnoa currently have 3 wellness products available

  • The Green Drink for immunity
  • The Pink Drink for glowing skin
  • The Ultimate Topping for the est start o a day

The Green Drink by Wellnoa

The Green Drink is 95% Organic. It contains wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, Lucuma powder, pineapple powder, Spirulina powder, chlorella powder, kale powder, matcha powder, lemon juice extract, Chaga mushroom powder, with no additives or sweeteners to give you the best immunity boost that it can.

You can use the Green Drink in a number of ways. Mix it with hot or cold water for a daily stand alone drink, create a green latte with hot water and milk, mix it in with your smoothie or add it to your juice. However you choose to enjoy The Green Drink it will get to work by replenishing your digestive system, alkalising the body, and getting rid of any nasties.

the green drink

Review of The Green Drink by Wellnoa

When The Green Drink by Wellnoa arrived I was impressed with the packaging. It looks like it costs more than the recommended retail price of £19.99 and is stylish in a cardboard tube in a lovely, calming, shade of green. When I was reading the packaging I also spotted something that made me smile as someone who strives to be a healthy parent in all aspects of life, which is the fact that Wellnoa have made a commitment to the environment by agreeing to plant a tree for every order they receive, which gets a big thumbs up form me.

When I first opened the drink I was surprised to see how full it was. You get 250grams of powder which fits well in the tube with out excess packaging which is rare these days. As you only need to teaspoons a day one tub is going to last a long time too making it very affordable.

I found The Green Drink easy to use, it dissolves quickly in both hot and cold water and doesn’t leave a bitty residue like some wellness drinks. I found it really easy to drink, the taste is very slightly earthy but also pretty non descript making it a great addition to your daily routine.

I have been taking The Green Drink for just over a week now and although I can’t say I have seen any physical differences I do get comfort from knowing that I am helping my immunity and getting so much goodness in just one morning drink and would definitely recommend to any one who is on their own journey to becoming a healthy parent.