There are number of reasons why people move away from dairy products, or just specifically milk, it could be due to allergies, likes and dislikes or lifestyle changes like going vegan. Whatever the reason is finding alternatives to your favourite products can be difficult and usually includes lots of trail and error before you find new products that work for you. This week we tried out the OATO oat milk and chocolate oat milk and below is everything you need to know about it.

Why use oat milk?

If you are looking for a dairy free alternative to milk you will find a number of different options; lactose free, almond, soya, coconut and oat. Each one has different benefits and they all taste slightly different too and some people will prefer to use a mix, one for their cup of tea and another for cereal or cooking. If you haven’t already done your research and tried any alternatives then here are just a few benefits of oat milk and reasons why you should give it a try.

  • Low in Fat 
  • Enriched with essential vitamins minerals and antioxidants.
  • High fiber
  • Helps to increase heart health
  • Can lower cholesterol levels
  • Regulates the sugar level
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly

And above all else oat milk is really tasty and has the same consistency as milk making it an easier swap for you and your children to adjust too.

What is OATO?

When it comes to oat milk there are a number of brands out there to try, OATO is one of them. OATO is created in Lancashire using British ingredients. It is also created to Barista standards so that it doesn’t split when used to make delicious hot coffees. But what makes OATO really stand out from the crowd is that it is comes in glass bottles giving it the look and feel of dairy milk and what’s even better is that you can get these glass filled bottles of delicious oat milk delivered to your door!

If all of that wasn’t enough OATO even offer both chocolate and strawberry flavoured oat milk too.

oat milk

Our OATO Review

We were sent one bottle of OATO oat milk and one of the chocolate milk to try. First impressions were very good. I loved the look of the glass bottles and felt all nostalgic for when my nana used to get her milk delivered by the milk man every morning.

The glass bottles are also really cute as they are decorated with lots of information about OATO.

Both the oat milk and the chocolate milk were delicious, they were thick and creamy and enjoyed by both the adults and the children. The chocolate milk was so good the kids asked of we could order some more before we’d even finished that one and they couldn’t tell it was dairy free either.

oat milk

If you are looking for a dairy free alternative then I can highly recommend OATO. Check their website to see which services are currently delivering in your area.

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