just spices

Are you getting bored of the same old food but don’t have time to start learning new recipes or don’t want to try and introduce new meals to the kids? Then why not liven up some of your favourites with Just Spices?

What are Just Spices?

Just Spices are handy little tubs that contain the perfect blend of pre-mixed herbs and spices that you can add to any given meal to take it to the next level. They take the stress out of preparing meals from scratch and reduce the expense of having to buy lots of different herbs and spices just for one meal.

All of the Just Spices mixtures are made with natural ingredients and don’t include any artificial flavour enhancers so you can be safe in the knowledge that your already healthy meals will remain healthy, you’re simply adding flavour.

just spices

There are loads of Just Spices now available with something for every imaginable culinary delight. There are Just Spices specifically for meats, fish, vegetables and even drinks, a few of my favourites includes

  • Pizza topping
  • Apple and cinnamon porridge spice
  • Salmon seasoning
  • Coffee kiss
just spices

They are so easy to use, simply open the tub and add a teaspoon or two to your food or drink. Each pot tells you exactly how much you should add depending on how much you are making, so there’s no need for the guess work either but regardless of which one you are using and for what you wont need to use a lot making these great value for money too. And although each pot is designed to improve a specific dish you will also find an extra list on the back of the pot of where else it can work really well, for example the coffee kiss can be added to muesli, fruit and ice cream to add some extra flavour and of course you can have fun experimenting with them and seeing which ones you think work the best with your meals too.

If your food needs a kick start in the flavour department then Just Spices is a must!