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One of the hardest parts of being a new parent is the sudden lack of sleep. That old saying of “sleep when the baby sleeps” is pretty useless considering babies generally sleep in the car, when out in the pram for a walk or when their in your arms, all situations where you, yourself can’t just nod off. Even if baby does sleep in the day, in their own cot, chances are you will have other children to look after or 100 other things that need doing, the best out solution is to get baby sleeping through the night or at least for big blocks of time at the night. If you have a baby or small child that is struggling to sleep at night then the Glow Sleep Easy is here to help.

What is the Glow Sleep Easy?

The glow sleep easy is a smart device that has a number of different features that can all be used to help your baby sleep. It is easy to use and takes as little as 60 seconds to set up and it can then be controlled using your smart phone.

How does the Glow Sleep Easy help babies to sleep?

It uses red light therapy to help your little one naturally produce melatonin, the sleep hormone for a restful nights sleep.

It can play pink noise to induce a deep sleep and block out background noises. Most people have heard of white noise but pink noise is believed to be more effective as it is more soothing than white noise as it uses more low frequencies than high ones

The Glow Sleep Easy also has a humidifier function. This can help to soothe dry nasal passages, ease breathing and reduces congestion helping baby or child feel more relaxed and comfortable when drifting off to sleep, especially if they have been suffering with a cold.

When being used with small children the green to rise feature can also be helpful. Once your child has had a good nights sleep you can teach them that the green light that glows on their glow sleep easy is an indicator that is is time to get up. This will encourage them to stay in bed until a time that works for your family.

All of the above features work independently of each other so you can pick and choose the options that work best for you.

Our review of the Grow Sleep Easy

First impressions were great. The Grow Sleep Easy looks lovely and wouldn’t look out of place in any nursery or bedroom, it is stylish but plain enough to blend in with all decors.

Set up was super easy and very quick, simply scan the QR code on the top of the Glow Sleep Easy and download the app. This took a matter of seconds.

The app itself is brilliant. It allows you to keep notes based on your child’s schedule of feeding, bathing, sleeping etc and offers daily tips to help you create the perfect sleep schedule for your little one. Once you have been using the app for a few days you can track sleep/progress so you can see just how helpful the Grow Sleep Easy is and identify what is and what isn’t working.

grow sleep easy

There is no need to charge the Glow Sleep Easy you just plug it in and off you go and you can use everything manually but if you connect the app (again this took seconds) you can control it from your phone.

The lights for both red and green have three brightness levels ans you can also change the volume of the pink noise too. We found the volume change a great help as when baby is crying you can have it on loud to get their attention but once they start to settle you can tun it on so it becomes background noise.

We were also sent the Glow Lullaby drops to use with the humidifier. Again this was simple to use, simply add tap water and a couple of drops (check amount based on age) and then turn it on. Immediately it set to work and the calming scent of lavender filled the room. A very subtle but relaxing fragrance.

You can also sleeves to your Glow Sleep Easy to make it look more exciting which is a lovely idea for a nursery and there are a few different ones to choose from too.

grow sleep easy

Overall we were really impressed with the Glow Sleep Easy from set up to use it was simple, straightforward and effective. It has almost an immediate calming effect on both the adults and children and is a great tool to help you help your baby to sleep.