journaling prompts

Journaling is a great way to manage your emotions and help you become a healthy parent. There are also numerous benefits of journaling which is why it is becoming increasingly popular, however sometimes it can be hard to get started. So, to save you from just staring at a blank piece of paper and wasting time here are 17 prompts to help get your creative juices flowing and get your journaling off to a great start.

5 Prompts for reflection

I am grateful for ….

I am good at …..

I am proud of myself because ….

I am happiest when……

I am unhappiest when….

The key here is to really think about what happened and reflect on it. Write down the first thigs that come to mind and then delve a little deeper asking yourself things like, why and then elaborating more, let the prompts take you where ever they take you and just keep writing. If you are able to write down key examples in detail then do that but if not be more generic. Hopefully all this prompts will help you find your happy place and start to work out what makes you smile, what makes you you and what things you are grateful for so you can fill your life with these things going forward.

5 prompts for the future

I wish I was better at…..

In five years I will be….

One thing I want to achieve before I die is…..

Create a bucket list….

I am going to improve…..

This prompt will help you to start making plans and setting goals for the future. Writing them down will also help make you accountable for them. Wherever possible be as specific as you can and ask yourself how, how will I achieve this? How will this work? You can focus on family life, work or personal growth or a mixture of everything.

7 random but fun prompts for

Write a letter to your younger self

Write a letter to your future self

If I wrote a book it would be about…..

If I started a business it would be….

My earliest memory is….

What makes me unique is….

If I could change career I would…

These prompts are just to get you used to writing in a journal and to help you start thinking and questioning yourself. Don’t take them too seriously just have fun with them and practice questioning your thoughts and dig deeper. Why would I do this? What will it achieve? How will happen? What would that look like?

Remember your journal is private, so don’t over think it or worry what others will think, this is just for you and is an opportunity to clear your head and get your thoughts in order and maybe even plan for the future and make peace with the past.

Journaling is just one great method of self care, here are 35 other self care activities to help you on your journey to become a healthy parent.