benefits of sleep

One of the things that we suggest you tackle when you start your healthy parent journey is to focus on your sleep. It is believed that 7 hours of sleep a night is the optimum amount for most people, however improving the quality of your sleep is more beneficial than increasing the amount. The reason why sleep is one of the things we recommend you focus on first is because it can have knock on effects in so many areas of your life. By improving your sleep you may start to see significant improvements in other areas without having to make too many more lifestyle changes. Here are just a few of the benefits f a good night sleep

Improved Cognitive Function:

  • Enhances memory and learning abilities
  • Better problem-solving skills and creativity
  • Improved attention and concentration

Emotional Well-being:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced risk of depression and anxiety
  • Better emotional regulation and stress management

Physical Health:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces illness
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Better muscle repair and growth
  • Aids recovery from exercise

Weight Management:

  • Regulation of appetite-related hormones (ghrelin and leptin)
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduces cravings for sugary foods.

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases:

  • Lowers risk of conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and hypertension

Enhanced Productivity:

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in daily tasks
  • Better decision-making and reduced errors


  • Consistent quality sleep is associated with a longer lifespan.

If you want to experience some of these benefits of a good night sleep then you need to have a look at your current sleep routine and see if it can be adapted to improve your quality of sleep. If you don’t know where to start then here are a few quick and easy things you implement

How to have a good nights sleep

Make sure you are tired

Make sure you are tired when it comes to bed time. This can mean avoid napping in the day and increasing your physical activity in the afternoon so that you have used up your energy stores.

Introduce supplements

There are a number of supplements that you can take that help you sleep. Wassen are a brand that we recommend as we regularly use their Relax + Unwind sachets. These are great as you just add then to a glass of water and enjoy. They taste lovely, like black cherry and contain a soothing blend of 13 botanicals, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, specifically selected to help your body rest and recover at night. If the drink isn’t for you they also offer them in tablet form to.

If you don’t like the idea of supplements than try a specific bed time tea. Sleep Time by Clipper is a great one and very affordable at £2.50 for 20 teabags. The Sleep Time tea infuses chamomile and lavender, both of which have proven benefits that hep relax the senses and calm the brain ready for a good nights sleep.

Have a comfy bed

Making sure that your bed is actually comfy and the right firmness for you is important. If you don’t want to replace your mattress then maybe look at investing in a mattress topper if you need more comfort. If you feel you struggle to get warm in bed, especially in the winter months, then try an electric blanket. If you share your bed with a partner and find yourselves arguing over how warm the bed needs to be them look at the dual control heated blanket from Carmen as this will allow you both to change the temperature to your own needs to optimise your sleeping conditions.

As well as ensuring that your bed is comfy it can also help if you use pillow mists. The OLVERUM Restful Sleep Pillow Mist is a fine mist that has a serene and tranquil natural fragrance of sweet bergamot which helps to relax the body and elevate the mood and inviting amyris which works to calm the mind and relieve anxiety and stress as well as cool lavender that promotes a deeper sleep.

De stress before bed

Carve out some time before you go to bed to destress. This could mean having a relaxing bath, listening to music, journaling or meditating. Try and set the time aside for at least 30 minutes of de stress self care, set the mood by going somewhere quiet, moving your electronic devises to prevent distraction, lower the lights and use some lavender essential oils like the Soil organic aromatherapy ones.

Whatever activity works for you is worth doing about an hour before you go to bed as part of your evening routine. If your mind is clear you are more likely to fall asleep quicker and have better sleep.

But remember if your sleep is extremely bad or does not improve with these simple changes then consult a doctor as you may require more professional help.