green dental care products

If you are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and are currently looking for ways you can make simple changes to your everyday way of life, then when it comes to your dental care you need to have a look at DenTek. Dentek offer a range of green dental care products, green in branding and green for the environment, making their products a great sustainable swap.

If you are new to the world of flossing and think of dental care as just brushing your teeth then introducing DenTek to your routine could improve more than just your sustainable living status.

“31% of UK adults have tooth decay and 66% have visible plaque but these statistics could be reduced simply by adding interdental cleaning. 1 in 3 have never flossed or cleaned interdentally yet 77% of tooth decay starts between the teeth. A toothbrush alone cleans just 60% of the tooth. To hit the other 40% that the toothbrush can’t reach, the importance of adding interdental cleaning cannot be overstated.”

Here are some of DenTek’s green dental care products that are easy to introduce to your sustainable hygiene routine.

Sustainable Floss Picks

For those that like using floss picks to remove food and plaque from between their teeth and would like to make a swap to a greener product then DenTek have two floss picks to choose from.

green dental care products

The first is the Triple Clean plant based floss pick. This one comes in (eco-friendly) boxes of 36 and have been made using extra strong textured floss. They are made from an organic plant based resin which is 100% petroleum free and kinder to the plant.

The second option is the sensitive clean floss pick. These ones are also plant based and come in eco-friendly, recyclable bags that have been made from recycled content. These floss picks have a soft ribbon and are more suitable for those with sensitive teeth as they are gentle on the gums whilst still removing food and plaque.

Sustainable Easy Brush

Another green dental care product swap you can make with DenTek is to their Easy Brush. They offer a great starter pack that contains 8 reusable brushes as well as a cap which is great for taking away with you when needed. The Easy Brush is designed to be gently pushed between the teeth and moved back and forth to help remove food and plaque. These particular ones are more sustainable than other non green dental care brands because both the handles and the cap are made from renewable plant based resin and the bristles are made from renewable castor plant. They also come in packaging that is widely recycled and made from FSC certified cardboard and 50% recycled PET.

Review of Dentek

We were sent the above products to try out and found all three products to be very well made and easy to use. They are just as good as other floss picks and easy brushes that we have previously tried out but with the added bonus of being green and therefore more suited to a sustainable life. We would highly recommend these products based on our experience of using them.

So, if you are looking for green dental care products to help you live a more sustainable life whilst keeping on top of your dental hygiene DenTek is the company to look out for.

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