sustainable living

Sustainable living is the new buzz phrase. It’s what people want to work towards in their own lives ad what companies are using to improve themselves and make themselves stand out from their competitors. Other terms often used to describe the same things are eco-living and green, but what does it actually mean?

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is making lifestyle choices that have a better impact on the world around us. It’s all about understanding the knock on effects of your actions and making informed decisions so that those effects are less harmful and more positive on the environment and world in which we live. It’s about reducing pollution, carbon footprint and waste and improving the air quality, the green spaces and our water.

Why is it so important?

It is really important for minimising environmental degradation and helping to save and preserve the planet for future generations. Sustainable living also has economic benefits that can improve quality of life in the here and now too.

Examples of sustainable living

There are lots of ways you can live a more sustainable life. Some require large financial commitments like buying an electric car instead of using a petrol or diesel one, whereas others require you to make more affordable changes such using reusable nappies, sanitary products, toilet roll etc instead of disposable options. Then there are things that you can do for free that are still considered sustainable living such as donating old clothes to charity shops or selling them online instead of sending them to landfills, using food waste as compost and recycling properly. No matter what your current financial situation is there are ways in which you can contribute and help future generations.

Some easy ways to live a more sustainable life

  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Use reusable options where possible
  • Shop local
  • Reduce your use of single use plastics
  • Recycle properly and consistently
  • Collect and use rain water
  • Walk instead of drive
  • Use public transport instead of your own car for longer journeys
  • Shop second hand

Sustainable living is one way to help you become a healthy parent and set great examples for your children too.