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Finding clean healthy products can be quite a challenge. Especially when you’re living in Europe. That’s why I listed down all my favorites to save you from spending hours trying to find them. 

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My favourite food products

Funky Fat Choc

Funky Fat Foods
Keto-friendly chocolate

Use code EVY for 10% off 

Noordcode coffee

Non Toxic Coffee

Noordcode MCT oil

C8 MCT oil 

Noordcode Ghee


Grass-fed ghee

Noordcode collagen

Grass-fed collagen

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 + K2

My favourite kitchen products

mini waffle maker

Mini waffle maker 

food processor

Food Processor

ninja air fryer

Foodi Air Fryer

My favourite beauty products

Nude Deodorant

Non Toxic deodorant

My favourite products for cooking with kids

knife for kids


Safe knives for kids

Chocolate molds

Chocolate molds 

My favourite bio hacking products

Led dark glasses

Blue light blocking night glasses

Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking day glasses

My favourite books

atomic habits

Atomic habits 
by James Clear

the diabetes code

The diabetes code
by dr. Jason Fung

the betty body

The Betty body
by Dr. Stephanie Estima