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On this blog you’ll find a ton of recipes, tips and tricks for living a healthy life during parenthood.

From the moment I discovered I got pregnant, my life changed completely. It was in that moment, I realised I was now responsible for another human being who was completely dependent on me. My biggest wish was to have a healthy baby, and for that, I needed to be healthy myself first.

Before my pregnancy, I was overweight and needed to take naps everyday, just to get trough the day. I knew my unhealthy habits played a big role in this problem. So I decided to make a change and become the healthiest version of myself. I quit smoking and drinking alcohol (obviously, that’s the first thing you do once you learn you’re growing a little baby inside of you) and I started eating more whole foods.

The more I cooked our own meals, the more I enjoyed the process of cooking, making and creating new healthy recipes. My pregnancy went great. My daughter, Olivia, was a healthy strong baby and I recovered well too. I had plenty of energy and started enjoying motherhood to the fullest.

I then went on a low carb, ketogenic diet. Which gave an extra boost in energy and helped me lose the extra pounds I wanted to lose. Although I loved and still love the ketogenic lifestyle, after much trial and error of what worked for me, I came to the conclusion that sugar wasn’t completely the devil, and I started to re-introduce it into my diet in the most natural forms. It was one piece of the puzzle that was missing. I started to discover that one specific diet was not what a needed, but rather a variety of whole natural foods, unprocessed and without added chemicals.

So now, I eat a mostly ketogenic / low carb diet with a hint of paleo here and there, but always gluten free. And those are the kind of recipes you will find on my blog.